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Berkman Buzz

Weekly Berkman Buzz:

  • Christian Sandvig adds context to “Internet freedom” debates: link

  • Ethan Zuckerman blogs an “informal conversation” with U.S. State Department’s P.J. Crowley: link

  • CMLP asks for help with “Software Best Practices and Open Source Derivative Works”: link

  • Weekly Global Voices: “Cameroon: Netizens React to SMS-to-Tweet Ban”: link

  • One Response to “Berkman Buzz”

    1. It’s a stark contrast to see the nations that censor the internet to those few that allow it to flow freely. At one extreme there is North Korea who’s downfall will likely come if communication flows freely. It’s scary to see the repression that is capable from from such extreme censorship. Then there is America. There is no way any dictator will rule America as long as the channel of communication remains free through the internet.

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