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My kids’ book on Kindle for $0.99

I’ve posted a Kindle version of my kids’ novel, My 100 Million Dollar Secret, at Amazon. You get download it for $0.99 here. (I make $0.35.) It’s about a kid who wins the lottery, but is unable to tell his parents, and who refuses to lie to them…which puts some serious constraints on how he can spend it. It’s also about him working through the moral obligations of the advantaged.

You can also read it in a browser, download it for the iPad, or download a pdf or Word doc, all for free. Or — my favorite — you can buy a print copy at LuLu.

2 Responses to “My kids’ book on Kindle for $0.99”

  1. Posting to Kindle was straightforward for me. Ididn’t attempt any fancy linkup with Lulu, or anything.

  2. Wow, that is totally awesome.
    A kid having there book being sold.

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