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Berkman Buzz

This week’s Berkman Buzz:

  • danah boyd gets kicked off tumblr by a company and writes about getting her identity back:

  • Doc Searls chronicles the recent public debate about personal data:

  • Dan Gillmor does not support the blogger lawsuit against Huffington Post:

  • Ethan Zuckerman explores the roles facts and values play in polarization:

  • Stop Badware is developing best practices for malware reporting:

  • Weekly Global Voices: “Rwanda: Ask Rwandan President Questions on YouTube”:

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  1. windrushes pastimes

    One golden hour set with 60 diamond minutes, etc.

  2. abingdon netkeepers

    They keep making offeres, and I keep refusing!

  3. paczki hartlock

    I have the __ to your __.

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