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OCLC to release 1 million book records

At the LODLAM conference, Roy Tennant said that OCLC will be releasing the bibliographic info about the top million most popular books. It will be released in a linked data format, under an Open Database license. This is a very useful move, although we need to know what the license is. We can hope that it does not require attribution, and does not come with any further license restrictions. But Roy was talking in the course of a timed two-minute talk, so he didn’t have a lot of time for details.

This is at least a good step and maybe more than that.

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  1. I appreciate the interest you’ve shown in one of the OCLC initiatives with linked data. During the two minute “dork short” session at the LOD-LAM Summit and in a brief interview with you later, I talked about a few OCLC projects in the linked data arena that I thought would be of interest to the summit participants. The Virtual International Authority File (VIAF ) is available as linked data as well as the top portions of the Dewey classification scheme. I also mentioned a project to configure the bibliographic records for the one million most-widely held books in WorldCat. Given the brevity of the “dork short” time, I want to be more specific about exactly where that experiment stands.

    This is a project that is still being formed. The intent of the project is to investigate how to best release bibliographic data as linked data that will provide an opportunity for us to get feedback from other practitioners about how well we’ve done it and how useful it might be. A part of this project will include considering the policy and licensing issues. There’s not yet a firm timetable, but as that is determined it will be shared with the community. We’re encouraged by the enthusiastic response folks have shown in what we’re doing. It will help influence the shape of what we ultimately do.

  2. Hi there – Just wondering when these records might become available? Did I miss the announcement?

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