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An argument for loosening copyright

Culture does not exist simply to enlighten us.

Culture’s far more common role is to give us something to talk about.

If we have nothing to talk about, nations divide over unreasonable differences, communities reduce to parking regulations, and marriages end in dinnertime squabbles.

To talk about things in a depth that binds requires freely accessing, citing, quoting, pointing, and linking.

Therefore, for the sake of our nation, communities, and marriages, we need to loosen copyright’s hold.


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10 Responses to “An argument for loosening copyright”

  1. Culture exists in both a positive directive and a negative one.

    For the sake of this discussion, it is important to learn how Truth can Lie.

    Have you noticed the ‘half-truth’, ‘Stop Violence against women”….this is a noble cause, however it ignores the ABUSE of women, and TOTALLY IGNORES THE ABUSE OF MEN, AND CHILDREN….

    A relatively new discovery that shows how culture can be a culture of deception and death.

    (based on the book, The Jesus Christ Code)

  2. I suggest we should go beyond a loosening of copyright’s manacles, and to copyright’s abolition.


    “This House Proposes To Abolish Copyright”

  3. We all know that Google, Berkman’s munificent patron, wants copyright loosened so that it can make billions copying and distributing creators’ work for free while they starve. This is no benefit to society.

  4. I think loosening or abolishing copyright works extremely well, so long as as you don’t create anything for a living or work for someone who pays you for creating.

  5. Brett, can’t you even spare an admiring word for David’s skill and artistry? The copyright wars aren’t going to hinge on an obscure blog post doing a little philosophical gaming. Remember:

    “Nothing is better than eternal happiness.

    A ham sandwich is better than nothing.

    A ham sandwich is better than eternal happiness.”


  6. Seth, at least get the fallacy right! The problem with my pretend argument is that there are unexpressed premises that are blatantly false: culture is the _only_ thing we have to talk about, and the only way to talk about culture in a way that binds requires violating copyright. The first two sentences are where the value (such as it is) of this post resides.

    For the record, any argument that I end with QED is one that I know is not actually QED. It’s a hyperbolic ending intended to flag a light-hearted pretend-argument.

  7. David, it sounds to me as if you’ve recognised they’re not cooking a particularly aromatic Bouillabaisse in the state of Denmark.

  8. To quote Monty Python: “That’s not an argument; that’s abuse.”

  9. David, I meant “The post is in the logic-humor genre as exemplified by the ham-sandwich joke”, rather than “The post has exactly the same argument fallacy as the ham-sandwich joke”.

    Brett, of course it’s not an argument, it’s more of a social signaling. But one can still admire the craft in its construction.

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