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Hey, kids, let’s play Spot the Lobbyist!

The Sunlight Foundation is crowdsourcing the identification of lobbyists from photos of them at Congressional hearings and other such events. The aim is to get a better sense of the lay of the land. The first round is a hearing on the merger of AT&T and T-Mobile (because lord knows all that competition is driving telecommunications prices into the ground!). Go here for the photo and instructions. (And a tip of the hat to BoingBoing.)

4 Responses to “Hey, kids, let’s play Spot the Lobbyist!”

  1. Umm … what’s the point? I’m shocked, shocked, there are lobbyists at Congressional hearings.

  2. Spotting the lobbyists in Congress is easy. Spotting the lobbyists elsewhere is more challenging and more instructive. For example, the Berkman Center lobbies for Google, and so does the Sunlight Foundation. Both get big money from it.

  3. Seth, the point is over time to get a sense of the lay of the lobbyist land. As you’ll note from the Sunlight page, the first lobbyists to be Id’ed are in fact the open Internet folks.

    Despite Brett’s repeated statements, neither of his factual statements about the Berkman Center are true. We don’t lobby for Google, and we don’t get big money from them. (I know there’s no point in arguing with him, but I don’t want to let his accusations go unchallenged in case someone else reads them.)

  4. “get a sense of the lay of the lobbyist land”? I don’t see it. Is it any sort of secret, or obscure, who is interested in this issue? Wouldn’t the organizations which submitted comments be enough? And on that page, I thought this was very funny “the gentleman you mentioned as Grover Norquist is actually Harold Feld of Public Knowledge.” – talk about problems with the data!

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