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Book notice

As Publishers Weekly puts it, in June ebooks jumped while print plunged:

  • $80.2MM e-books

  • $84.9MM hardcover

  • $48.4MM trade paperback

  • $47.4MM mass-market paperback

Adult paperbacks were down 64% in that month.

empty bookstore
Discussion at Reddit

Well before the last press has punched out its last paper book, we will have switched to thinking that p-books are print-outs of e-books. That’s when the switch will have been made, just as occurred when we switched from typewriters to word processors. That Day of the Modifier — when physical books need a modifier to specify them — is coming fast.

4 Responses to “Book notice”

  1. i can not live without book, i like this word

  2. This appears to be a photograph of a dismantled bookstore. The books have been taken elsewhere.

    ‘Last’ is an apt word. Is it the last book or is it that books will last?

    A book is composed of words and I believe that the words will last. I also believe that there will simultaneously be e-books and books in the future despite the dream of technology that the entire world can be digitized and reduced to two dimensions.

    After we have successfully filtered the entire world through a two dimensional screen, at that moment the switch to a higher dimensional existence will occur. That moment is coming fast as well.

  3. wow.

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