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Amazon’s pitch for its new Silk Browser describes a client-server architecture from the 1980s applied to the Net. In 1995, when I was VP Marketing at Open Text (1995-6), I tried to get the company to describe the architecture of its Web-based collaborative tools as Client-Surfer.

I’ve been waiting 16 years to re-introduce that pun. Is now the time?

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  1. All good ideas of the past are coming back some day …

  2. Joho the Blog » C.lient-surfer…

    Joho the Blog » C.lient-surfer…

  3. Yeah, I was also having a “back to the future” moment when I saw the announcement. Another funny realization – I’m willing to bet that almost no one working on the Silk project was out of diapers (okay, out of grade school) when client-server architecture was The Next Big Thing.

    Wait another decade or so – the Next, Next, Next Big Thing will be to have all of that cloudy stuff on your own, portable device…

  4. ???? ???????

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