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The coffee-shopping of everything

David Strom at ReadWriteWeb notes a trend at hotels to re-jigger lobbies as social spaces in which you can plug in your laptop and hang out, instead of sitting in your disinfected Rectangle of Solitude.

I’d give it a try, especially if free or cheap coffee were involved. I think I might enjoy the company, although if someone actually tried to talk with me, I’d undoubtedly give him the stink eye so I could get back to work. Hey, just because I want to be near other human beings doesn’t mean I want to be your friend.

So, yes, I would want to achieve that refined balance of social and impersonal that is of increasing importance in today’s ever-more-public world, and that is at the heart of Starbucks’ value proposition.

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5 Responses to “The coffee-shopping of everything”

  1. One reason people are congregating in the lobbies is because they don’t want to pay $9.95 for the WiFi in their room and it’s free in the lobby.
    I think the hotels are reacting to this reality.

  2. Great! Is soo good to know that we have different knowledges and needs. We are now a lot of connected people working together. Question: Is there any map of ushahidi users?

  3. An indication of the rapidly approaching age, when solitude will be another luxury you will have to pay for.

  4. I love to write in public spaces– there is a white noise factor that really helps me focus more than at home. Although it’s probably better if I *don’t* have wifi access, productivity-wise.

    And yes, I share your dread of interruption by the nearby and friendly…not unlike the chatty airplane neighbor phenomenon.

    There was always something lovely and civicminded about hotel lobbies welcoming the public….hope this trend lasts.

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