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The hotel with no metadata

I’m staying at a “boutique” hotel in NYC that is so trendy that it has not only dressed its beautiful young staff in black, it has removed as much metadata as it can. There’s no sign outside. There are no pointers to the elevators on the room floors. The hotel floors in the elevator are poorly designated, so that two in our party ended up on a service floor, wandering looking for a way back into the public space of the hotel. The common areas are so underlit that I had to find a precious lamp to stand next to so that the person I was waiting for could find me. The room keycards are white and unmarked, without any indication therefore of which end goes in the lock.

Skipping metadata has always been a sign of mastery or in-ness. It’s like playing a fretless guitar. But hotels are for strangers and first-timers. I need me my metadata!

BTW, I think the hotel’s name is the Hudson, but it’s really not easy to tell.

6 Responses to “The hotel with no metadata”

  1. I stayed there once before. Be careful not to hit your head on the poorly-placed televisions, either!

  2. I, too, have stayed at this hotel – it is the Hudson – and agree completely with your take on it. It’s odd that a visitor’s ease of use of the facility is sacrificed for the sake of some sort of anti-aesthiticism.

  3. Hi Dave, long time no talk. This caught my geeky eye. It’s your use of the term ‘metadata’. I would argue that the hotel name and the directions to the elevator aren’t meta data at all, but the actual data. Geeky and probably incorrect. But anyway, Hi!

  4. I wouldn’t argue with you, especially because I think the only difference between data and metadata is operational: metadata is what you know and data is what you’re looking for. In this case, the sign would have been metadata for the hotel, at least in my way of using these increasingly indistinguishable terms.

  5. Can’t tell about this NYC hotel – not too oftehn there (to say the least) :-)

    But such a lack of metadata, is, to various degrees, typical for many 2-3 star chip hotels in Paris… Although their modus operandi is so similar to each other and so typical, that for a frequent visitor like myself this meta-lessness even comes quite natural :-)

  6. Hey, I’ve stayed there! Of course, I quickly discovered I wasn’t cool enough to ever go back.

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