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The Net is a place

The latest Pew Internet study confirms what most of suspected was the case: “Americans are increasingly going online just for fun and to pass the time, particularly young adults under 30. On any given day, 53% of all the young adults ages 18-29 go online for no particular reason except to have fun or to pass the time. ”

And this also confirms an idea many of us have been proposing for a decade and a half or so: The Internet is a place. It is a weird place in which proximity is determined by interest, rather than a space in which interests are kept apart by distances. It is a place in which nearness defeats distance. It is a place, not just a space, because spaces are empty but places are saturated with meaning: Place is space that has been made to matter to us. The Internet is a place.

And now we have the polling numbers to prove it :)

2 Responses to “The Net is a place”

  1. Sort of “basho” (place of common values, sensibilities, and volition to action) in a world that is “Ubiquitously Connected and Pervasively Proximate.”

    I had a feeling my research was relevant. :)

  2. […] are kept apart by distances. It is a place in which nearness defeats distance. David Weinberger The Net is a place # Let’s begin with a process we know very well: Advertising. # The orange balls represent the […]

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