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Joho’s new look

So, instead of painting our house over the break, I started making some tweaks to Joho’s “design” that have resulted in a complete overhaul, the first since the site opened its shutters in the year of their lord mumble mumble.

Click on the image to be reminded of what it used to look like in all its former glory.

There are certainly going to be many bugs, rough edges, and further uglinesses to blast with a buff-colored paint gun. But, I hope it’s better.

Yeah, you’re right. It needs more orange. Doesn’t everything?

[Later that day:] As Mirek points out in the comments, it looks crappy in IE 9. I can’t get the rounded corners to work. If anyone has any suggestions, I’m all ears-with-sharp-corners…


Here’s the way the page currently looks to me (Dec. 30) in Safari, which is pretty much how I intend it to look.

How the new look is supposed to look

26 Responses to “Joho’s new look”

  1. I thought you *liked* the retro look :) .

  2. At a certain point, retro becomes just hideo. Especially if it was always hideo.

  3. David,

    On IE9 the new look looks bad…


  4. Thanks, Mirek.

    It looks much better than your screen capture on my Windows machine. It’s still broken, but it’s at least fairly legible; IE seems not to like the rounded-corner CSS. I’ll get around to fixing it over the next couple of days, I hope.

  5. So it looks to me that some elements of your stylesheet use all of border-radius, -moz-border-radius, -webkit-border-radius, and -o-border-radius, whereas some use only a seemingly-random subset; was that the intent? (This *alone*, by the way, makes the Less extension to CSS worth it, in my opinion.) suggests IE9 cares about your doctype declaration; I don’t know enough about doctype to know if the one you have is sufficiently consistent with the one it wants.

  6. The new look works on Chrome and Opera, but on FireFox it looks like Mirek’s pic.

  7. It passed my standard website QA test: hitting CTRL-+ a bunch of times to enlarge the fonts.

  8. Bruno, what version of Firefox? It works fine on mine, on both Mac and PC. In fact, I developed it FF and Chrome alternately.

  9. The left column appears on Firefox but not Chrome. And the login boxes don’t resize nicely.

  10. I’m looking at it right now in Chrome and Firefox, and it’s fine. Given your comment about login boxes, I think yo’re looking at the home page in Firefox, and at the single-item page in Chrome. The single-item page doesn’t have a left-hand box. (In the prior version, it had the left column but not the righthand one.)

  11. It’s now rendering properly on IE9 for me. I was running the html in “quirks mode.” This has to do with the initial document type definition at the beginning of the html page. More info here:

    I hope it’s better for y’all, too. (Remember to do a strong refresh so you don’t just get the cached version again.)

  12. Call me nostalgic but I like the old format much better. The yellow background was easy on the eyes. I also liked the text centered with sidebars on each side. I think the time of day for the responses is off a bit.

  13. David, there is some improvement on IE9 now; I can see the posts body upper in the page. But you still have a big problem with the size with left “follow/search” area and with positioning of the books icons just below the title.
    See it here:

    The lesser issue is in no rounded boxes on IE9 as you have them on FF & Chrome.

  14. Mirek, thanks for your continuing help. The odd thing is that it continues to look right in IE9 on my desktop. Yes, I’m not reading from the cache. I’ve made a few changes. If you have a chance, could you take another look? Thanks!

  15. My Firefox 8 looks like Mirek’s shot. My IE 9 does not look right either with the book and photo rectangles not centered and a lot of white space on the right. Sorry I don’t know how to add the screen shot jpg.

  16. When I open the website, both columns fill the left side only. The right hand side is white, blank. When I click on ‘Comments’, both columns are centered with equal white space on left and right, but that moves the text column slightly off to the right.

  17. Ray, try it now? You may have hit it while I was playing with it.

    Also, which browser are you using? Do you happen to know the version number?


  18. Just pointing out that you were a Franklin Fellow for 1002 years as posted in your Blog Disclosure!

  19. Ok, now when I open the website both columns are centered, but that still leaves the text column slightly off to the right.

  20. I have an I Mac so my Browser is Safari.

  21. Safari Version 5.0.6

  22. Raymond, I’ve shaved a few years off my tenure at the State Dept. Thanks for the heads up.

  23. Sorry David and all – I was out of cyberspace for a while :-)

    On my IE9 (perhaps I should add thet I use Win 7 64-bit, and IE9 is also 64 bit) it still looks weird:

    Cheers & Happy New Year to all (in 3 hours in Central Europe :-) )

  24. Mirek, thanks for your persistence with this. I’m using the same OS and version of IE9, and it works fine. I am at my wit’s end about this. I just don’t know what to do :(

  25. David,
    If this is unsolved on Monday, I will ask my company html/css gurus what they think about it. At this moment I also am lost what causes this strange behavior…

    Now, with 1 hour to 2012 in this part of the World I will go down to my family to prepare Champagne bottles for the new year’s eve :-)

  26. … I only add that I tried it on my son’s notebook that also has ie9 and it seems we both have the same bad rendering of your new template.

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