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Quirky html

In the recent — and probably unabated — unpleasantness attending the launch of the update of this blog’s look, I have learned a little about Quirks mode. I learned this because Internet Explorer 9 was not displaying rounded corners or laying out divs (blocks of content) the way Firefox and Chrome were. Once I switched off Quirks mode in my blog pages, it worked much better.

There’s a good explanation and some very detailed info here. But as I “understand” the story, quirks mode was introduced to handle the problem that different browsers were expecting different sorts of markup (particular for CSS style information). Then, once the browsers realized it would be helpful to everyone if they agreed to support truly standardized standards, they had to decide what to do with the old code written in the particularities of each browser. So, they agreed to allow the HTML developer to specify whether the page she’s created should be interpreted according to the modern standardized standards, or if it’s quirky and ought to be interpreted according to the idiosyncratic expectations of the various browsers.

You, the HTML developer, specify your intentions in the DTD declaration at the very beginning of your HTML pages. This page will help you figure out exactly how that line should read.

Meanwhile, the shame and humiliation the launch of the new look of this blog has brought upon me only deepens, for I have given up on controlling the placement of divs by getting my floats in order. Screw it. I’ve plunked them into a table. Yeah, I’m CSS-ing like it’s 1995.

2 Responses to “Quirky html”

  1. Congratulations about the new look!

    Yet, I liked the declared lack of design pretense of the old one (assuming that was your intention too). One “perception” issue less to worry about.

    Now, with this one – looking like “designed” – be prepared for some people not liking your design.

    Happy Holidays.

  2. Emil, yes the old design screamed lack of pretense, but in fact I worked hard on it. It was just ugly. I’m sure some or many people will not like this one, but it’s not as assaultive, not as strident and insistent on its hideousness. I hope.

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