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Four messages from the dark

The black that covered so many sites yesterday spoke well. I think there were four messages.

First, This is our Internet. We built it. We built it for us, not for you. We get to turn off the lights, not you.

Second, we are better custodians of culture than are culture’s merchants because we understand that culture is what we have in common. We feel pain every time something is held back from this Commons.

Third, just as we can make someone famous rather than having to passively accept the celebrities you foist upon us, we can make an idea politically potent. Going dark was the self-assertion with which political engagement begins.

Fourth, there’s a growing “we” on the Internet. It is not as inclusive as we think, it’s far more diverse than we imagine, and it’s far less egalitarian than we should demand. But so was the “we” in “We the People.” The individual acts of darkness are the start of the We we need to nurture.

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  3. Through the haze of the many “We” that are undoubtedly what makes “Us” that which we are (dang!), to hide darkness is not the same as creating light. SOPA may not be an appropriate response to piracy, but surely we can do better than threatening to abort the game by taking our softball and going home.

  4. Nice message. Now can we please focus on Electoral Reform Act of 2012 as the ONE THING we can all demand of Congress in time to restore integrity to November 2012? Worst case scenario: Jeb Bush out of dead-locked convention, all the electoral machines are rigged, four more years of the two-party tyranny that supports the white collar criminal enterprise led by Goldman Sachs, Of, By, and For MONEY first, ISRAEL second, We the People NEVER.

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  6. SOPA in US, ACTA in Europe … The dark times may come if we do not act quickly. So the growing “we” is very very important.

    Unfortunately, in Europe, the blackouts were less popular, and what we witnessed was a series of concerted hacker attacks on some government sites… I found this quite bad and disappointing…

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