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[2b2k][eim] Needlebase going? Nooo! We need le base!

Google has announced that it is retiring Needlebase, a service it acquired with its ITA purchase. That’s too bad! Needlebase is a very cool tool. (It’s staying up until June 1 so you can download any work you’ve done there.)

Needlebase is a browser-based tool that creates a merged, cleaned, de-duped database from databases. Then you can create a variety of user-happy outputs. There are some examples here.

Google says it’s evaluating whether Needlebase can be threaded into its other offerings.

3 Responses to “[2b2k][eim] Needlebase going? Nooo! We need le base!”

  1. I agree; Needlebase provides unique features that are hard or impossible withthe likes of Scraperwiki or even Google Refine.

    I can imagine some of Needle’s machine learning capabilities being rolled into Refine, but they are really apples and oranges…

  2. super blog, super posts! cheers

  3. Needlebase is gone… welcome Check it out. In a few weeks we will launch a new version (including the mac). Maybe you want to wait a couple of weeks.

    Best regards
    Emmanuel Javal

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