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Jurassic Parked

Here’s John Williams’ theme from Jurassic Park slowed down a thousand percent, but kept at the same pitch. It’s really sort of awesome:

Jurassic Park Theme (1000% Slower) by birdfeeder

I found this at, who found it at Gawker, who found it at Reddit. So, it may not be breaking news, but it’s still pretty damn awesome.

3 Responses to “Jurassic Parked”

  1. It’s cool. I have no idea what “1000% slower” means, though. I mean, technically 100% slower would be completely stopped. (It’s probably supposed to mean “takes 10x as long as the original” which by most charitable interpretations would be 900% slower.) Yes, pedantic.

  2. One of the explanations said that it was 90% slower, which I also find confusing. My way of understanding the 1000% slower: 100% slower would mean it takes twice as long, so 1000% means it takes 10x as long. Which I think is in fact the case.

  3. […] quick update for you. First up, open this link and play this song in the background for the next hour. ┬áIt’s the theme from Jurassic Park […]

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