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Little Mac trick

I learned a little Mac trick a few weeks ago and find that it has saved me, oh, probably close to a full minute. More important, it keeps me from the annoyance of fiddling with Finder unnecessarily.

Let’s say you’ve just finished working on a slide deck in Keynote — but the beauty of this little trick is that it works with every Mac app — and now you want to email it as an attachment. Open up your email client and simply drag the little tiny document icon at the top center of the window.

The little icon at the top

It's the icon next to "architecture01.key"

Drop it into your email client and (assuming it handles the ol’ dragondrop) it’s attached. No stinking Finder required! Use it whenever you want to drag your current file somewhere.

3 Responses to “Little Mac trick”

  1. Another handy trick that you may already know, if you hold down Ctrl and click the file name, a drop down of the folder path to the file will appear.

  2. Remember when you used to comment on mis-read headlines? (That was you wasn’t it?)

    I read the subject of this one as, “Little Mack Truck”. I thought it was going to be something for the children and couldn’t figure out why you were writing about Finder.

  3. You can also drop it into the terminal app. Especially handy from a Finder window to cd to a directory.

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