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Local libraries are the 99%

Yeah yeah, not everyone uses them. But they could. Libraries are a statement of a community’s commitment to the 99%.

2 Responses to “Local libraries are the 99%”

  1. The libraries in DeKalb County, GA (metro Atlanta) are alarmingly underfunded, and the result is low inventory, extremely limited hours, and scant services. The recession has made it worse but it’s a historic issue, compounded by an acquisitions/discard policy that seems to have little sense of what belongs in the library. I’ll never forget the day a librarian leaned across the desk and whispered: “They discarded Quentin Bell’s life of Virginia Woolf today.” Or the books that aren’t in the system, “obscure” works by “unknown” authors like Evelyn Waugh and Truman Capote; my shock at learning that our local branch didn’t have a copy of Uncle Tom’s Cabin or Wide Sargasso Sea, . The administration cries poverty– and underfunding is a huge issue, especially now– but the discarding and acquisition practices suggest other factors at work. It’s the only place I’ve ever lived where the library has so little to offer. Which doesn’t stop us from going– it just limits what we will find there and what we can do.

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