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Love thy neighbor by disrespecting his faith

My monthly column at Kmworld is about how the digital network has changed the basics of curation….

Here’s a sentence from the first paragraph of a long email solicitation I received today:

Truth Unlocked: Keys to Reaching Your Muslim Neighbor ( is a project that we feel God inspired us to create to help Christians to reach out to, form relationships with and simply love, Muslims here in North America.

Cool, I thought! Christians reaching out to Muslims in acceptance and love.

It took me until the end to come to the full realization what this is about:

Reaching out to the lost needs to be at the very top of our priority list as Evangelical Christians and we know that we need good tools in place to be able to Evangelize well.



I believe I got onto this group’s mailing list because I am on the Christian Alerts mailing list to stop Barack Hussein Obama from replacing the Christian American justice system with Sharia Law. It’s true!

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3 Responses to “Love thy neighbor by disrespecting his faith”

  1. Then there is the Mormon desire to baptize dead Jews.

    And there are the statistics, the specifics now gone from my head from only a week ago, that a large majority of voters in Alabama and/or Mississippi do not believe that President Obama is a Christian. A large percent believe he is a Muslim.

    And I don’t like being stopped on the street and asked about my religion by evangelical Jewish groups, trying to re-interest Jews in religion, either.

  2. At least the Mormons have the decency to wait until we’re dead.

    See you in Mormon Hell, Andy!

    PS: The poll showed that 52% of Georgian Republicans think Obama is a Muslim and only 12% think he’s a Christian. That leaves 35% who think he might be a Jew. Who knew?!

    On the other hand, the only link I can find to the actual poll does not have these findings, and I have been unable to find them on the pollster’s own site (after only a cursory attempt, though):

    NOTE from 1 minute later: Here’s the right link: News sources seem to be linking to a pdf about presidential preferences.

  3. That’s not disrespectful; it’s what evangelicals are called to do by their faith. You might as well call any advocacy (on any subject) disrespectful. Political, religious, sports, whatever.

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