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[2b2k] Knowledge’s typeface

AKMA points to an experiment by Errol Morris that confirms AKMA’s long-held theory that typeface affects credibility. At the low end, unsurprisingly, is comic sans. At the high end: Georgia…which happens to be my favorite font. This is part of AKMA’s larger hypothesis that “‘the meaning’ of a claim is not separable from its appearance.”

My conclusion: Your brain is not your friend.

2 Responses to “[2b2k] Knowledge’s typeface”

  1. Yes.
    The meaning of a clam is not separate from its’ appearance.
    Here in insufferably-hot Mexico, we present everything in triplicate. Copies are mandatory. If you present copies in color so the logo of the Secteriat So Involved is in, say, blue..You need present only one copy.
    God help you if you present only monochrome.
    You will be sent back to the machine for four more, only one of which will be needed.

  2. Indeed. In fact, your brain likes to pretend that it is rational, which means that not only is your brain not your friend, but your brain is actively lying to you.

    Some “friend”.

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