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Hummingbirds live in The Shire

I’ve been watching hummingbirds at our feeder, and took a moment to read up on them a bit more. has a lot of interesting information, including about their impossible migrations. (These migrations are proved by the Internet and reported by people like you and me.)

But what really amused me was this straightforward and presumably accurate description of their nests:

The walnut-sized nest, built by the female, is constructed on a foundation of bud scales attached to a tree limb with spider silk; lichens camouflage the outside, and the inside is lined with dandelion, cattail, or thistle down.

Undoubtedly tended by singing dragonflies that feed on unicorn tears.

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  1. I have two feeders up, had no hummingbirds last year, but today I had one! Southwest side of Lexington, KY.

  2. On a trip to a small herdrs village in the Soviet Arctic in the 1980s we were fed a meat casserole of unknown provenience. I asked my translator what it was.

    Himself a sophisticated Muscovite, he had no idea and so asked.

    “Reindeer tongues,” he reported with some amazement. “I feel like Caligula. Perhaps we will have butterfly wings in the next course.”

  3. I had the pleasure of interacting with hummingbirds in Costa Rica, where they would speed by your ears like a feathered bullet. I did learn that due to the sugared water they feed on, rather than natural sweet substances from flowers, they now develop cavities in their tiny beaks! I should note that I do not have a reference or citation for this information – only the nice Costa Rican guide assigned to the hummingbird area.

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