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Moving Day in Boston is so confusing!

Moving Day in Boston ought to be declared a holiday since no one can get to work anyway. The streets are chockablock (and the blocks are chockastreet) with vat migrating herds of UHauls.

To make matters worse, I can’t tell if this sign means what it says or means the opposite of what it says:

I’m leaning toward the opposite: You don’t threaten to tow cars that are in motion. And if it just meant to say “No standing” for any car, it wouldn’t have put in the clause about moving cars. I think.

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  1. I love this photo. Thanks for making me find the humor in “Moving Day”!

    Just to continue the conversation: There is also the well-timed Cambridge public works project that invariably coincides with “Moving Day.” In May, during “Moving Out Day,” Cambridge Public Works decided it would be a good time to put in a new sewer line down JFK Street, thereby shutting down traffic to a trickle. On Wednesday, 8/29, when the U-HAULS are beginning to flow like a parade, Cambridge opened up the bowels of Mass Ave and Putnam Street, again for what appear to be new sewer lines. The apt timing assures me that, indeed, the City and Harvard are a little like passive aggressive neighbors who smile sweetly they turn their sprinklers on full-blast on the other guy’s driveway.

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