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[2b2k] Decisions and character

I just read Michael Lewis’ tag-along look at President Obama. It shows aspects of Obama not readily on display. But mainly it’s about being the President as Decider.

The article makes it clear to me that the presidency is not a possible job. No one cannot be adequately prepared to deal with the range of issues the president faces, most of which have significant effects on very real people. The president therefore needs processes that enable him (so far it’s been hims, kids) to make good decisions, the personality that will let him embrace those processes, and the character to continue making decisions while fully appreciating the consequences of his actions.

Mothers, don’t let you kids grow up to be presidents. Holy cow.

2 Responses to “[2b2k] Decisions and character”

  1. Nit-picking grammar: “No one cannot be adequately prepared …”

    A double negative?

    I wholeheartedly agree with your observation; the presidency is a job I would most certainly not recommend to my children.

  2. The interesting item from the article is how he reduces the number of personal decisions each day because of the mental fatigue of decisions.

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