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[2b2k] Our birds nest future

The always-readworthy Jeremy Wagstaff has a delightful, brief essay that uses our profound ignorance of the quotidian life of the past as a reminder of just how awful we are at predicting — or envisioning — our future.

I also like Jeremy’s essay because I find that I am much more interested in histories of daily life than in broad, sweeping explanations. I consider my lack of broad sweepiness to be a weakness, so I’m not recommending it. But I’m fascinated by how different our lived lives are and have been. And will be.

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  1. FWIW I think there are lots of things that can only be seen from the everyday, detail view; indeed the macro scale without it can be divorced from all meaning. There are things — including macroscopic things — that only become visible up close.

    There’s a rant about education policy in here, but not in a blog comment :).

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