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[2b2k] The moment for science

And one more thing about my previous post: I understand that when Heidegger was writing Being and Time in the 1920s, it was important to try to relax our culture’s commitment to scientific objectivity in order to allow more types of truths to appear – more ways that the world shows itself to us.

Almost a hundred years later, with a brand new medium for knowledge, truth, and disclosure, it is time to re-assert science’s privileged (yet still human and imperfect) position as we try to come to agreement across cultures about what we need to do in order to live together on this earth.

In my opinion.

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  1. As a student of philosophy–and one who is currently spending an entire semester on S&Z–I really appreciated these last two posts. Thanks for sharing.

  2. […] als historische Konstruktionen entpuppt haben, indem er in zwei Blogposts (1 und 2) anhand des Wahrheitsbegriffes Martin Heideggers klarstellt, dass es schon immer Zeiten gegeben […]

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