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You own it, you should be able to resell it

Just when you thought copyright extremism couldn’t get any more absurd, the Supreme Court may uphold a decision that would prevent us from reselling goods we’ve legally bought that have parts or content with foreign copyrights (which most goods of any complexity do have). Marvin Ammori has a good explanation of how this would “work” and why it is Kafka-esque in its implications.

I would say that Marvin’s opening examples would never be enforced, but I also thought that Citizens United wouldn’t trash our political system like Godzilla(c) walking through a cheap cardboard city.

One Response to “You own it, you should be able to resell it”

  1. This isn’t copyright extremism, but right and proper respect for the livelihoods of America’s talented authors and artists.

    It’s perfectly fair that a copyright holder should be able to control manufacture and distribution of copies of their works. This was recognised by James Madison in 1790 (taking his cue from Queen Anne in 1709), who, as you well know, had the people’s interests uppermost.

    You’re beginning to sound like a freetard.

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