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Republicans suggest shockingly sensible ideas for reforming copyright

A Republican Study Committee has posted a document (as a pdf) that nails three myths about copyright law and suggests four areas of reform.

Later that day: The author of the memo has put himself forward for questions at Reddit.

A few hours after that: The MPAA and RIAA have leapt into action, forcing the Republicans to retract the report. Dreams die fast in DC. Fuckwads. (Hat-tip to Jay Rosen.) (And just in case the Republicans decide to take the memo down, here’s a mirror.)

The 3 myths are:

  1. The purpose of copyright is to compensate the creator of the content

  2. Copyright is free market capitalism at work

  3. The current copyright legal regime leads to the greatest innovation and productivity

And the four “potential policy solutions” are:

  1. Statutory damages reform

  2. Expand Fair Use

  3. Punish false copyright claims

  4. Heavily limit the terms for copyright, and create disincentives for renewal

I’ve started a thread at Reddit if you want to talk about it.


And for a flat-out statement of how the Net’s regulators don’t understand the cultural revolution they (we) are facing, here’s the statement by Amelia Anderstotter to the 2012 Internet Governance Forum. Amelia is a member of the European Parliament, from the Pirate Party:

8 Responses to “Republicans suggest shockingly sensible ideas for reforming copyright”

  1. Something similar happened just before alcohol prohibition was repealed.

    Of course, ‘reform’ is a gateway meme to abolition, but we don’t point that out in polite company, eh?

  2. — If I’m not mistaken, I was the first to report on this, the slashdot article links to my piece. How ’bout a little credit?

    As to the proposal, I’m not holding my breath that anything will come of it, but it’s an exciting development nonetheless. The suggested reforms are mostly good (though I have reservations about #4)

  3. Thanks for reporting it, Jordan. Where did you find out about it from?

  4. True to form, the copyright cartel has shut the stable door after the horse has bolted.

    That the proposal got as far as it did is the clue that the frogs have noticed the hot tub’s thermostat has broken, that the people have noticed a distinct abrogation of their cultural liberty in recent times…

    The cartel have simply informed the Democrats that it is sacrilege to even consider that copyright abridges the people’s liberty to provide monopoly profits to the cartel (profits vastly in excess of productivity).

    The Democrats will either see this ‘repeal of alcohol prohibition’ as a guaranteed election victory (as it would be), or they will threaten to carry on considering reform unless the cartel give ’em a tad more support. But, something tells me it’s too late for this, the two parties are completely infiltrated by the corporatocratic regime – you have a choice of good cop or bad cop, but you get the same police state either way.

  5. Did I write ‘Democrats’? I should have written ‘Republicans’. But, Tweedle dum Tweedle dee, it makes no difference to thee.

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