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The top 5 stories in my town

Here are five of the top stories of the year according to our local weekly paper, the Brookline Tab. The paper says that these stories are in no particular order, and that another five will follow next week.

  • Styrofoam and plastic bags have been banned.

  • Residents are reporting that a a few of the wild turkeys roaming our streets have been aggressive.

  • A 180-pound black bear was spotted around town. It was tranquilized and transported to a wilder part of the state.

  • After losing a bid to build 271 residential units in Hancock Village, developers filed for permission to build an affordable housing project.

  • A dean at the public high school claimed he was passed over for the headmaster job because he’s African-American. A settlement was reached.

First world problems? What privilege looks like? Sure. But also an occasion to remember how blessed peace is, how wretched anything but peace is, and how fortunate we are that for our town peace is so mundane.

2 Responses to “The top 5 stories in my town”

  1. Reminds me of a story of immigrants arriving in Perth, Western Australia towards the end of WW2. Upon arrival, they saw newspaper headlines with things like the local football scores – with news of the war in Europe decidedly in 2nd or 3rd place in terms of prominence. Rather than feel they’d arrived in some backwater, I believe the comment was something like “We’ve arrived in the right place – the football results are the main news, not the war back in Europe”. Well something like that. Makes me feel grateful, as my parents arrived in Australia as displaced persons after WW2.

  2. Go wild turkeys!

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