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The New Yorker Caption Contest is making me an embittered, broken man

My offering has once again been passed over by the cruel gods that rule the New Yorker Caption contest.

The cartoon shows Noah’s ark filled with giraffes. Noah is talking to what seems to be a young woman. (I describe it because I can’t find a unique url for it.) The selected entries are:

  1. “I wouldn’t say ‘favorite’ animal.”

  2. “Mistakes were made.”

  3. “I have trouble saying no.”

Here’s my rejected caption:

“That’s ok. Everyone has trouble with Excel at first.”

Ok, it’s not so great. But head to head against number 2 above, no?

Someday, Caption Contest, someday…!

7 Responses to “The New Yorker Caption Contest is making me an embittered, broken man”

  1. I just read it aloud to my husband, who laughed. But strange as it may seem, maybe some editors/readers who don’t do spreadsheets might not “get it.” As a very limited user of Excel, I can relate.

  2. I, too, have come up empty handed on submissions to the New Yorker. I didn’t submit one with the giraffes but had I it would have said..”their lobbyist was very persuausive”

  3. Remember to write to your audience…

  4. Not only are you an insufferable Post Modern Neo-Pantheist and a lousy dresser, you are also a terrible caption writer.

  5. I had “so it’s not just the rabbits we need to keep seperated.”

  6. Yours, Mister Broken Man, incredibly not funny.

  7. I laughed heartily at the rejected captions. My husband has been entering for years and never even got into the top three. Some of his are very very funny.
    Maybe the losers should organize a Salon Refuse. After all, Manet didn’t seem that good to the judges.
    Alice S.

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