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Summer questions

Hummingbirds come to our capacious feeder, sip for a few seconds, and then leave. But why would they ever leave? Do they have something better to do?

If I set a trigger so that every time a hummingbird lands on our feeder, it plays a sound, can I then use that sound to assemble a hummingbird army? I’ll let you know.

Geese are monogamous, but can they be seduced? What would it take? I’m thinking snails would just be an insult. It’d probably take a flamingo.

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  1. 1) Find mates. Take care of young. Scout out other food sources in case this one goes away. And so on. You want slacker birds who just hang around the feeder all day?

    2) I doubt the sound would reach a large number in the immediate area, without being really loud. And if it did, having a bunch of hungry hummingbirds all converging on the same spot at the same time strikes me as a recipe more for a war than an army (though it’d probably be over very quickly).

    3) Pâté de foie gras?

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