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Support the Voting Rights Act Amendment

This video remembers just a small part of the price we all paid for the Voting Rights Act that the Supreme Court gutted a year ago:

My brother Andy was one of the college kids who participated back then in registering voters in the South, one of the many things I’ve long admired him for.

Support the Voting Rights Amendment Act.

3 Responses to “Support the Voting Rights Act Amendment”

  1. Thank you, David, for posting this video. What is a democracy if all do not have a chance to vote? We have certainly seen difficulties for many people and groups since the US began and there are, obviously, still attacks on this fundamental right that need to be recognized and rectified. I hope this video will remind people of these issues.

    On re-reading this, it seems to be one of the “truths” that is “self-evident” but apparently, given Congressional activities, it is not obvious to some.

    Thank you also for the personal compliment; my participation was much less risky than it was for many others. I hope that more of the people of Lynchburg, VA were able to vote as a result of our group’s activities and it was an interesting and educational event for us.

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