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New Clues

The project with Doc that I mentioned is a new set of clues, following on The Cluetrain Manifesto from 16 years ago.

The clues are designed as an open source publishing project: The text is in the public domain, and we’re making the clues available at Github in various computer-friendly formats, including JSON, OPML and XML.

We launched this morning and a happy hell has broken loose. So I’m just going to posts some links for now. In fact, I’m copying and pasting from an email by Doc:

Gotta run…

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  1. New year, new Cluetrain

    The Cluetrain is back in the station, with a whole load of new clues for 2015

  2. Thanks for the shoutout in Clue 3!!!! :-)

  3. […] are conversations,” has become a mantra of many. Now two of the authors, David Weinberger and Doc Searls have published a set of new clues topped by a warning: “all the good work […]

  4. […] If you want to tune in (or for that matter, if you want to turn on or drop out) the Gillmor Gang piece in TechCrunch is a good place to start. Dave Winer’s got a listicle going. Kevin Marks has reposted the Clues. There’s a whole lotta forking going on. Conversations sprouting everywhere. […]

  5. how to improve your writing skills

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