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Literature and Medicine: The syllabus

The superb novelist and teacher Meredith Sue Willis, who is also my sister-in-law, is teaching a course at a local Veterans Administration hospital on literature and medicine. It’s taught to hospital staff after work in the hospital.

Here’s the syllabus, which Sue has put under a Creative Commons license (which is where all syllabi belong, amirite?). It looks like a great set of readings organized around important topics. Isn’t it awesome that we can get curated collections like these from which we can learn and explore?

In fact, it prompted me to start reading The Young Lions, which so far I’m glad I’m doing. Thanks, Sue!

(Ack. I forgot that Sue told me about this because she’s using in the course something I wrote. So I am inadvertently logrolling. But sincerely!)

4 Responses to “Literature and Medicine: The syllabus”

  1. That’s a great program, and a great syllabus. Thought of The Interior Castle, a harrowing story about recovering from surgery. I have to go read it again…thinking that it has a surreal aspect although the prose is — on the surface– very straightforward.

    Work by the poet Paul Guest. I especially love his poem Pinocchio– but I can’t find it online. He has a memoir called ONE MORE THEORY OF HAPPINESS

  2. And Lucy Grealey’s AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A FACE

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