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Netflix’s hidden categories

The redditor makeinstallposted to PasteBin an HTMLized version of a list of hidden categories at Netflix that was the subject of a reddit thread. I’ve posted it as a Web page with links.

As you’ll see, Netflix has thousands of categories it uses internally. These are like the ones it lets you browse but more specific. This list will take you to a page at Netflix where you can browse among these micro-categories.

6 Responses to “Netflix’s hidden categories”

  1. I think something’s wrong with your link, David (or maybe it’s cleverly obfuscated for non-Netflix users).

  2. Looks like I need another shot of B12!

    It’s fixed now. Thanks, AKMA. Sigh.

  3. Wow, that’s awesome.

  4. […] Netflix’s hidden categories […]

  5. I can’t remember if you’ve posted about this before, but also relevant to spelunking Netflix:


  6. Netflix Secret Categories are also available in Simkl for Netflix Chrome extension with random Netflix search and watched\to watch filters

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