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Banks everywhere

I just took a 45 minute walk through Berlin and did not pass a single bank. I know this because I was looking for an ATM.

In Brookline, you can’t walk a block without passing two banks. When a local establishment goes out of business, the chances are about 90 percent that a bank is going to go in. The town is now 83 percent banks.[1]

pie chart of businesses


[1] All figures are approximate.

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  1. Mayabe this is due to pendulum swing. Lending has a different tenor today. The changes of Internet Assault have been somewhat absrobed. A bank no longer has to be a big fortified catheral structure You are a click away from switching banks online at all time so the ortar comes back into play? Brookline Savings down in the Village became a pot dispensary of some kind – so maybe that is the next harbinger.

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