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October 16, 2010

[2b2k] Bibliography commons wanted

I typed all the way through to the end of the last chapter of Too Big to Know last night, although since I haven’t read that chapter yet, there is a better than even chance that I will have to rewrite it substantially, so don’t jinx me by congratulating me, you bastahds.

In any case, it got me to thinking about how to handle the bibliography. The bibliography of Everything Is Miscellaneous is on (although, in truth, I never got around to completing it). Much as I love LibraryThing, it’s not designed for journal articles, and I’d rather put my biblio on a non-commercial site. (Sorry, Tim! Love you!)

Ideally, I’d like a site that is an open commons, maintained by an institution that has some legs. It should present my biblio in standard readable and re-citable forms, but should also treat it as data in a database so that it can be refactored. I’d love for it to have LibraryThing’s social functionality. And in a perfect world, it’d let me enter just some key data, look it up, and fill in the rest in perfectly formatted form. (Again, LibraryThing does cool stuff in this area, for books.)

Anybody know of anything like this? Is there a bibliography commons? (If not, I’ll probably just put a spreadsheet into the Harvard open access commons, if they’ll let me. Or maybe I’ll use H2O)

[Later that day:] Some responses from the comments and to my tweeting of this topic: