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July 25, 2010

Record correction

The following isn’t actually interesting. It’s just for the “record.”

TechNewsDaily has an article that maintains that teachers are worried about students using laptops in classes. The quotation of mine that the reporter uses to end the article I’m pretty sure I didn’t say. It’s ungrammatical (“mediums,” ” they just have to exercise precaution of the downsides,” and there’s a comma splice) and, more important, I don’t believe what it has me saying (“students don’t want to be told how to learn”). Of course, it is possible that I mis-expressed my meaning and that I spoke in solecisms. If that’s the case, let me here be clear: I don’t believe students don’t want to be told how to learn. And if they don’t want to be told, they still need to be told. After all, teaching students how to learn is the most important lesson to be taught.

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