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October 16, 2008

Mac Apps folder crash log

Just to follow up on my completely reproducible crash when I access (what is now my old) Applications folder, here are the relevant lines from the system.log:

Oct 16 08:43:49 davidmac2-red-MacBook2 kernel[0]: disk0s2: I/O error.
Oct 16 08:43:49 davidmac2-red-MacBook2 kernel[0]:
Oct 16 08:44:00: — last message repeated 1 time —
Oct 16 08:44:00 davidmac2-red-MacBook2 ReportCrash[9201]: Formulating crash report for process Finder[6298]
Oct 16 08:44:01 davidmac2-red-MacBook2[145] ([0x0-0x152152][6298]): Exited abnormally: Bus error
Oct 16 08:44:03 davidmac2-red-MacBook2 /System/Library/CoreServices/coreservicesd[83]: SFLSharePointsEntry::CreateDSRecord: dsCreateRecordAndOpen(Documents) returned -14135
Oct 16 08:44:03 davidmac2-red-MacBook2 /System/Library/CoreServices/coreservicesd[83]: SFLSharePointsEntry::CreateDSRecord: dsCreateRecordAndOpen(davidmac2’s Public Folder) returned -14135
Oct 16 08:44:03 davidmac2-red-MacBook2 /System/Library/CoreServices/coreservicesd[83]: SFLSharePointsEntry::CreateDSRecord: dsCreateRecordAndOpen(_misc) returned -14135
Oct 16 08:44:07 davidmac2-red-MacBook2 ReportCrash[9201]: Saved crashreport to /Users/davidmac2/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/Finder_2008-10-16-084349_davidmac2-red-MacBook2.crash using uid: 501 gid: 20, euid: 501 egid: 20

I ran Drive Genius 2 and it found no problems with the drive. (See my previous entry for all else I tried.) Anyone know what this log entry tells me?

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October 12, 2008

Applications folder crashes Finder. Re-installed OS X.

Clicking on my Applications folder crashes Finder every time. I have: Nuked the finder plist. Nuked Library/Caches. Nuked the folder’s .DS_Store. Repaired permissions. Used Drive Magician to check the hard drive. Did a fsck. Entered single-user mode and watched it hang as I tried to access that folder via the command line. Nothing worked. So I reinstalled OS X, using the “archive” option, which put my old installation into a folder. The Application folder within the archive still crashes Finder. This is a pain in the butt because it means I can’t transfer my old apps into my new Applications folder.

Plus, I’m really curious about what’s going on. Any ideas?

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[LATER: System.log here.]


July 9, 2008

Making your Mac lively again

PC Mag has a step-by-step for putting the spring back into your Mac if it’s gotten sluggish under the weight of all the crap you’ve loaded onto it. Basically, it’s a guide to saving all your important data before reinstalling OS X.

(Note to PC users: Don’t gloat. 1. PC Mag recommends you do this every two years, not every every 6 months, as I was doing with Windows. 2. This is to restore snappiness, not to rescue a broken, lumbering hulk. 3. It is way, way easier than reinstalling Windows and all your apps.)

I am disappointed and actually a little hurt that Google’s new virtual world app, Lively, only works on Windows. On the other hand, that it requires Vista I find slightly ridiculous. I run Vista on a high-end PC, and it’s a sign of my dissatisfaction that I do a double-take when I here a software company has written code specifically for it.

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June 9, 2008

Beginner to Beginner: Attaching a Yamaha keyboard to a Macbook (midi)

Yikes. I finally got my Yamaha keyboard (PSR-270) attached to my MacBook so I can play and have Finale transcribe notes. I felt like I was back in WindowsLand.

First, you obviously need the cables. You can get some pretty cheap that go from the back of your keyboard to a USB input on your computer.

But, it turns out you also need a Yamaha driver. Yes, even for a Mac. You can get one here. To install it, just double click on the installation package.

Then you have to run Audio Midi Setup, a file you’ll find in your Utilities folder inside of Applications. (Or just use Quicksilver. Don’t tell me you’re not using Quicksilver! :) Even though it’s got big, attractive icons, it’s a pile of gobbledygook. You should see your keyboard in iconic form and should be able to drag the out arrow to the in arrow of the appropriate awaiting icon, drawing a visible line between the two, but, frankly, I don’t understand the whole thing.

I just know that it eventually worked. [Tags: ]

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April 30, 2008

Mac issue: Where’d my network go?

My new new Mac (a white one) is well, except Finder doesn’t see my family network. To be more exact, there’s no “Network” icon listed in the sidebar of Finder. If I go to Finder’s prefs and toggle “connected servers” or “bonjour computers” on and off, there’s no change. But, if I go to Connect to Server and tell it to connect to smb://, which happens to be the static IP of a network storage device, it finds it fine, and shows it to me in the Finder. It likewise finds smb://honkervista, which is my big, Vista-crippled machine.

I’ve tried making random alterations in the system config network panel, since that traditionally has forced empty network panes to fill up properly. Not in this case.

Should I really have to be mounting these machines by hand?? TIA…

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April 19, 2008

New Mac for me?

After a regrettable clunk at precisely the right spot on my wife’s Thinkpad, we’re short a laptop with a screen that consists of fewer than 867 pieces. So, I bought a white MacBook thinking that we’d cycle machines, giving my wife my son’s Powerbook (she only uses it for Web access), and giving him the white Mac. But now I’m thinking I’ll keep the white MacBook and give my son my haunted black MacBook. He is a less-intensive user than I am, so I’m hoping the gremlins will atrophy. And the new white MB’s processor speed and graphics capabilities are marginally better than the year-old black MB, or so I believe. (Take this as a plea for disabuse.) (My son is very happy to take either MB as an upgrade to his PowerBook, so no need to call in the authorities.)

I transferred data from my black MB via firewire during the set up. (Windows, I hope you’ve noticed this feature. It saved me at least a full day of reinstalling and configuring.) If nothing else, this may help determine whether the gremlins live in the black MB’s hardware or software. It’s all working so far, except for the Apache server, but this feels more like a configuration error than a bug . (Yes, I turned on Sharing.)

The white MB, however, has no Enter key, which I had at times mapped to a forward delete key. (I generally have turned off the remapping sw for fear that it was gremlin fodder.) Any suggestions for which key to remap and which sw to use to do it?

Any other white MB-specific hints or tips? And do you think I’ve downgraded myself? So far, it seems pretty sweet…


March 7, 2008

Mac into the shop

“Wow. That’s really interesting.”

These are words you don’t want to hear from the ultra-smart techie who’s examining the dozens of crash reports logged by your MacBook. But those are the words I heard when I took my laptop in today. The techie doesn’t think my many problems are due to bad software. He didn’t see any particular pattern, but suspects there may be some bad RAM in it somewhere (although I’ve run a RAM checker, and so did the shop the last time it was in).

He expects to have it for a week. And so for the next week I’m thrown back into the waiting arms of my Thinkpad, which, thankfully, I never upgraded to Vista. [Tags: ]


March 2, 2008

Crowd-sourced debugging

If anyone would like to help me figure out why my MacBook crashes seemingly randomly, here are some crash reports: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9.

My MacBook is 9 months old. Apps were crashing under Panther. I did a total clean reinstall of Leopard. It seemed to be ok for a couple of weeks, and then the apps began crashing again. I took it in to a highly recommended local Apple shop. They kept it for a week, ran thorough diagnostics, replicated some of the crashes, and replaced the motherboard. Again, for a couple of weeks it seemed to work. Now things crash intermittently but fairly frequently. Usually, the crashes only crash the app, but Keynote has crashed all the way back to a cold boot a couple of times; I don’t have crash reports for the cold boots.

Help? Any ideas?[Tags: ]


January 16, 2008

Losing my urge for Air

When I first heard that Apple had introduced a 3-lbs Mac, technolust heated my blood. But from my very first poking-arounds about it, my tremors of desire have quieted.

On the basis of preliminary reports, it sounds like Apple threw everything overboard in order to achieve a single design ukase: Thou shalt be the thinnest! No CD/DVD player, yet another freakish video out, no ethernet port, a battery that requires a trip to the factory to be replaced (and given that my MacBook battery is failing rapidly after 8 months…), a single USB port, no firewire port, no good way to plug in an external drive (assuming you have a mouse plugged into your USB port), no mic input, yet another unique power supply. Dongle city! And the Mac Air ain’t cheap.

Thinness is an aesthetic criterion, not a utilitarian one. Art triumphs over usefulness yet again, driven by Steve “One Button” Jobs.

Good. I can enjoy my MacBook unruffled by envy. Well, at least not much envy.

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January 2, 2008

Beginnger-to-Beginner: Enabling php in Leopard

You want to see some nice tech writing? James Pelow at PHPmac explains how to enable the Leopard apache server to use php. It’s written so clearly, even I could follow the instructions! (Because he wrote this in 2005, you’ll want to change the references to php4 to php5.)

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