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September 26, 2017

[liveblog][pair] John Zimmerman on UI for AI…and making AI the new UI

At the PAIR symposium, John Zimmerman is giving a great talk on UX for AI. But it relies on graphics that I can’t capture, and I’m about to run out of battery. Sorry :(

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August 11, 2011

installation done message

No, HandyShare. If I need to finish the installation, then the software was not installed, and the installation was not yet successful.

More important, are you sure you’re not making me reboot because of your own lack of confidence? Buck up, HandyShare! You’re just a lightweight video editor! I bet you’ll fit into your new computer home without any need for a nasty reboot.

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January 5, 2011

Adam’s leaves: A tablet UI I’d like

Over at the Harvard Library Innovation Lab blog I’ve posted a video from NotionInk showing their Adam tablet UI at work. Seems elegant and usable. [Hat tip to Gianluca (again).]


September 22, 2008

One Web Day at Berkman continues: An amazingly cool interface

The Berkman Center has today launched an incredible user interface into the [email protected] conference. Put together by Bestiario, a group that has done some amazing work — you’ve got to see their home page! — this swirling pixellated cloud of info lets you dive into multiple relationships to browse by topic, person, tag, etc. The nodes that go swirling by display info as appropriate: a scrolling Twitter tweet, live video, etc. Your mind…is it blown yet?

Zack McCune, one of the Berkman’s Super Summer Interns, worked with Bestiario to put this together. Zack describes the process here. It took a lot of work by Zack and by Bestiario. Thank you!

Screen capture of lovely graphical ui by Bestiario

It’s all part of the Berkman Center’s One Web Day celebration.

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