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I had my 15 minutes and no one told me until they were over Dept.

In its monthly list of “Wired, Tired and Expired,” the new issue of Wired lists “loosely joined” as tired. (“Evolved” is wired and “tightly coupled” is expired.)

I believe that according to the terms of the Geneva Convention on Lost Luggage, I am therefore entitled to claim that “Small Pieces Loosely Joined” must have been at some point implicitly wired. Right?

Woohoo [by implication]!

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7 Responses to “I had my 15 minutes and no one told me until they were over Dept.”

  1. I only hope one of my bon mots gets labeled “tired” in the sense that people have the feeling of hearing it everywhere.

  2. “Geneva Convention on Lost Luggage”

    very clever

  3. I noticed that too, David and had meant to ping you about it.

    Congratulations indeed on being tired. We all knew you were, at one point, wired. But being tired has a certain additional ‘been there, done that’ credibility in my book. Or in your book, as ’twere, in fact. Ahem. Something.

  4. I too noticed that last weekend. I bet you were wired sometime between November and now when a new issue of Wired was strangely absent from the newsstands. I mean, what was up with that? It was three good months that I had to stare at that basketball player’s face wondering when another issue of Wired will come out. And did you notice how thin the current issue is? Is Wired having problems that haven’t shown up on my radar? I’m sure if it were we would hear at least as much about it as’s current problems.

    Anyways, congratulations, now you just need a cover story like Bill Joy. Maybe when that happens I will subscribe to the magazine again.

  5. Now that’s strange.

    Having cancelled my subscription when I felt the relevance had faded a few years back, I still find myself drawn to the newstand to purchase each new copy of Wired as it hits. Duh to me, I guess.

    Like Grant – I also got tired looking at that basketball scruffian for what seemed like the loooooongest shelf time.

    Curiously – the Wired mag web site features a mysterious phantom February issue which did NOT appear in any of the outlets I frequent up here in the frozen soddin North.


    Still – at least you can read most of it online now, if that lights yer candle.

  6. Wired’s gotten good again, IMO. The new editor, Chris Anderson, has reinvigorated it. It had become a fetish magazine for the rich and technical. Now it’s actually ABOUT stuff again.

    And, no, you can become “tired” without ever having made it onto their “wired” list. That was the joke. Ha ha. I guess I didn’t make it clear enough. D’oh.

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