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Why I got bumped at LeWeb

It was my fault. I missed (somehow) the email that said to check in by the left of the stage half an hour before my talk. I therefore went by the printed schedule and thought I was just supposed to climb onto the stage when it was my turn. But the printed schedule was wrong, and so they were pretty surprised when I climbed onto the stage at what was no longer my appointed time, and when they had thought I was a no-show. (In fact I was in the hall all afternoon, and standing by the wrong side of the stage, which makes the whole thing more frustrating.) My fault.

Loic offered to put me on after the UN folks were finished, but I thought it was right that the conference end with the UN Web project to educate nine million child refugees. I still think that was the right decision, but, in any case, it was my decision, not Loic’s.

Still, I’m pretty bummed. I worked hard on this talk. But it was an excellent conference with some great hallway networking and sessions.

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