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Meeting an old friend for the first time

I just posted at Psychology Today a brief and personal story about realizing that my relationship with a person I’ve seen only a relatively few times spread out across four decades constitutes an old and close friendship that matters a great means to me. This is a type of friendship I had not expected.

(Not a spoiler: The person is Jon Udell. He’s currently doing really interesting work at

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3 Responses to “Meeting an old friend for the first time”

  1. I’m happy to know that you meet an old friend. :) I’ll check out his work. Cheers!

  2. nice post. sodyba Vilniaus rajone

  3. The fact that this relationship matters a great deal to you highlights the profound impact that certain individuals can have on our lives, even when we may not have anticipated it. It’s a beautiful testament to the lasting bonds that can form over time, regardless of the physical distance or infrequent meetings.

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