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We are not family

After the tenth time in my life calling T-Mobile because I was unable to get their site to create a pay-as-you-go wifi account for me — I know how many times because I use a little numbering scheme when making up my new account name (and, no, you won’t guess it) — and after being walked through it by a very nice support person, I was in no mood to receive the ritual sign-off, “And thanks for being part of the T-Mobile family.”

Is there anyone who hears that corporate-mandated sign-off without feeling cheapened? Where I come from, joining someone’s family requires more than buying an hour of services from them.
(My plane is late, they’ve run out of the one veggie sandwich at the stand, so, yes, I am feeling a little cranky, thank you. Aaarrrgggghh.)

4 Responses to “We are not family”

  1. Somehow I think that your single experience pales in comparison with the indignity of the unfortunate folks who are required as part of their job to say that to random people many times a day as part of their jobs.

  2. I trust no beans?

  3. The whole corporate customer service model is patronizing to me.

  4. Ha – funny! It seems like I have spent more time registering for various T Mobile and Sprint accounts at airports than I have spent actually flying. Most of the passwords I have created contain a choice profanity and either ‘Sprint’ or ‘TMobile.’ Their login system seems specially designed to treat you like a customer they’ve never encountered before…

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