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RIAA rejects Harvard

Slashdot quotes New York Country Lawyer:

“According to a report on, the RIAA’s latest anti-college round of “early settlement” letters targets 7 out of 8 Ivy League schools, but continues to give Harvard University a wide berth. This is perhaps the most astonishing display of cowardice exhibited to date by the multinational cartel of SONY BMG, Warner Bros. Records, EMI, and Vivendi/Universal (the “Big Four” record companies, which are rapidly become less “big”). The lesson to be drawn by other colleges and universities: “All bullies are cowards. Appeasement of bullies doesn’t work. Standing up to bullies and fighting back has a much higher success rate.””

While it’s true that Berkman founder Charles Nesson has called on Harvard to fight the RIAA (yay, Charlie!), I don’t find Fear of Harvard Law sufficient explanation. There are some other pretty good (!) law schools around, and the RIAA is happily suing those universities. I don’t get it.

(See NY Country Lawyer’s comment at Slashdot for some useful links.) [Tags: ]

3 Responses to “RIAA rejects Harvard”

  1. Maybe someone at the RIAA has a kid in high school who wants to get into Harvard.

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