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August 31, 2008

America loves the wildly unqualified Palin. But the electoral college is holding fast.

Zogby reports that McCain’s insulting selection of Sarah Palin has given his campaign a bounce back up to equivalency with Obama’s. But Slate reports that Obama continues to lead in the right states, so that his electoral count remains strong.

I do not understand America. Seriously. Never have. Apparently I never will.

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August 30, 2008

Welcome, Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin seems to be an upstanding citizen. A model citizen, even. She’s worked hard, she’s fought some entrenched interests, she’s taken the initiative, she’s maintained her values…all while raising what seems to be a fine family. Welcome to the national stage.

I only put in the weasel “seems” word because I know so little about her. So: She also seems to be the least qualified vice presidential candidate in modern history. Her lack of preparation to assume the office of the presidency shows an abysmal lack of judgment on John McCain’s part, and a reckless putting of his campaign ahead of his country.

The Wikipedia the Sarah Palin entry is informative, but the discussion page is and even better source of information…the best source of info on her I’ve seen so far.

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Ba’al Smackdown: Followup

Two weeks ago, Stuart Shepard of Focus on the Family put out a light-hearted video urging McCain supporters to pray that there be a sudden burst of rain just as Obama came on stage for his outdoor acceptance speech.

I took him up on it, suggesting that we take the presence or absence of rain as a sign of divine political preference.

It was a beautiful, clear night in Denver.

That should be enough to settle the issue. But, just in case there were any lingering doubts, it looks like the higher power will unleash upon the Republican convention a torrential rain.

Case closed.

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August 29, 2008

Comment Snob

From BoingBoing:

YouTube Comment Snob is a Firefox plugin that nukes comments with too many spelling mistakes, weird capitalization or punctuation, and too much cussin’. It works pretty damned well, too.

Sure, you’ll miss some worthy comments that happen to be misspelled or contain some bad language. But in an age of abundance, you’ll find plenty of other worthy comments to read.

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Those who are not convinced won’t be convinced.

Those who are convinced are struggling to remember similar moments.

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Voices without Votes aggregates the reaction from bloggers around the world.


Politics-free moment: Watch this

From an email from a friend comes a link to this fantastic Flash animation by Alan Becker, which becomes yet more enjoyable if you are at all familiar with the Flash editing environment. Click and sit back.


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August 28, 2008

Chattting about the Dem convention, right here, right now

We’re live now, chatting away at irc:// (Dave Winer has had a chat going also, at #dnc08)

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McCain campaign opens Boston office: The Video

Here’s a quick video by the Massachusetts Republicans about the opening up of a McCain campaign office in Boston, complete with an optimistic “Victory Wall” that is likely to seem at best ironic on election eve.

It’s tough being a Republican in Massachusetts, but everyone’s entitled to, well, hope.

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Obama to unveil voter registration drive? Is that where Bill Richardson went?

Wasn’t Bill Richardson supposed to speak last night? Aswini Anburajan at HuffingtonPost posts that Obama will unveil a “massive” voter registration drive tonight, which would be a fantastic move — symbolically right, but, more important exactly how you win an election without running to the middle. Perhaps Obama is going to bring out Richardson to help kick that off?

Also from Rumor Land comes the idea that McCain may name Kay Bailey Hutchison as veep. No reason to think it’s true, but, what the heck, there it is.

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Where Are They Now? The Straight Talk Express

The Strayed-Talk Express

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