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Our First Award! Our blog

Our First Award!

Our blog has only been up for 8 hours and it’s already won it’s first award!
Well, we haven’t quite won it yet. We’ve been nominated, but that itself is the real award, isn’t it? Yes, we are proud to announce that our site has been nominated for the prestigious Deco-Website Awards!
The exciting news arrived be email just minutes ago. At first we thought it might be spam, but at the bottom it said explicitly:


And it was all in caps! They couldn’t do that if it weren’t true!
The fact that we received the message twice and it doesn’t quite mention which of our web sites has been nominated also made us a bit suspicious, as did the fact that the mail was addressed to “[email protected].” While I own the domain name, I don’t actually have a site up. So, I’m sure they mean the award to go to this blog. After all, although I’m normally quite humble, it’s clear that I deserve it. Well, not me alone, but the team of people who labored over the past 2 hours to build this site. I dedicate this award to the little people.
Paranoid me, I still thought it might be a scam or maybe some of my “friends” (you know who you are) pulling my leg. But the Deco Website Awards site tells you just who the Evaluators are. These three folks are Web heavys (“heavies” just reads too funny)!:

David Collinson
David is working as a freelance web designer in Japan and has an extensive experience in web design, HTML and Java programming As of his education, he is the post graduate in computers/ graphic design of a Tokyo collage and he is the Webmaster of this web site and the Award program.

John Roberts
John is an office worker as a Senior Programmer Analyst, but his important interest is the internet and web site design. He has excellent skill in HTML, Java, He has a very good experience by working in several countries like England, Holland, Japan, and right now living in Paris, France

He is a graduate in computer graphics and has more than 8 years of experience in Web Design and Programming.

Mary Richards
Is a graphics designer. The Deco Website Awards is a part time job for her, And in the new year planing to go to japan to study more.

(Keep it up, Mary. You’re going to make it after all!)

Another couple of signs that these guys are the real deal: First, look at their URL: You can’t get much more legally incorporated than to be both a Co. and an Inc. … these guys must be rock solid! Also, when you go to the site, not one but three popup ads appear, each a vote of confidence.
Best of all, if I win, they’re going to allow me to buy a trophy! Do you think I should put it on top of my monitor, or is that too ostentatious? Maybe I should just put it on a bookshelf and half hide it behind some old paperbacks so that when people notice it, I can be all humble like.
I owe it all to you, my readers. Without you, this blog would be nothing. This Deco Website Award is really for you.

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