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Good Game Experiences

Mark Hurst’s newsletter, Good Experience, has links to fun stuff in this issue, in addition to its normal load of useful ideas and pointers about desinging web sites real good:

A really fun and elegant game from my friends at gameLab here in New York. You can play the first three levels for free. I wish there were more games as well-designed as this.

A difficult version of the old Lunar Lander arcade game.

A well-done movie quiz, using visuals from the film, except without the characters’ bodies. If you’re a film buff, well worth a look.

And finally – the coolest thing I’ve seen online in months. It’s creative, fun, friendly, thoughtful, and very funny in certain parts. Best of all, the design is understated and seems to use very little technology to accomplish its magic. Turn the sound on.

By the way. Good Experience is having its first real world conference on May 2. Quite the eclectic line-up.

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