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Small Pieces Loosely Reiterated

Small Pieces Loosely Reiterated

Boris Anthony has found a CD called “Small Pieces Loosely Joined,” which is also the name of my book. He recommends a google search to get more info about it and writes: “It appears to be some kind of electro music done by a brit in germany and sold mostly in japan… ;)”

According to a review at NZZ Online (and forgive whatever mistakes I make in translating it):

The British, living-in-Cologne multinstrumentalist Adam Butler, alias Vert, loves daring soundworks. His new album, “Small Pieces Loosely Joined,” is an experimental pop album, moving between spontaneity and discipline, poetry and science, classical beauty and futuristic aggressiveness.

Wow, exactly like my book! (There’s a Japanese review here.)

Do you think Larry Lessig (at the new address of his blog site, btw) would agree to handle my law suit?

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