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Dean on TV

Some excellent and quite positive coverage of the Dean 4-day “Sleepless Summer” tour in the New York Times and elsewhere. All the reports I’ve read point to the enthusiastic crowds and the success of the Governor’s new crowd-pleasin’ delivery. Not to mention the new Zogby poll that puts Dean at 38% in NH compared to Kerry’s 17%; for the past seven months, Dean and Kerry have been statistically flat at 19% and 25% respectively. Not to mention the $1,000,000 Dean raised over the Internet in 4 days, from 17,000 contributors, of whom 10,000 are first-time contributors.

And yet I watched the NY rally on CSPAN last night and with the crowd noise turned way down Dean looked awkward. We could say that that was just bad miking by CSPAN, but the TV interviews I’ve seen and the televised debates so far aren’t capturing what you see of Dean in person, on stage or in smaller groups: someone relaxed, “comfortable in his own skin” (as Chris Lydon put it), serious, but also enjoying himself. It’s a mysterious medium.

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7 Responses to “Dean on TV”

  1. Hey Joho, consider yourself the First Flash. Bathe in your jellies and feel the smoothness of the flash.

  2. Hey Joho, consider yourself the First Flash. Bathe in your
    jellies and feel the smoothness of the flash.

  3. I’m a Dean admirer and I’ve contributed money to the campaign, but this is something that needs to be fixed in a hurry. Dean does not look “comfortable in his own skin” on TV, not at all.

    If I were Trippi I’d have Dr. Dean take a week off from all travel, have him look at himself on all the TV appearances to date, bring in some coaches, and work with him. The goal wouldn’t be to give him any artificial TV-gloss, but just get him to the point where he looks as relaxed on camera as he does when he’s talking to a small group of people. If he doesn’t do something like this soon, then as televised debates and interviews increase in number, his numbers are going to drop.

  4. I’ve been following Dean for a while, and the good news is that every time I see him on television, either giving an interview, or onstage, he is more realzed and natural than the time before.

    I take this as a sign that they are working on coaching him about this problem, and he’s making progress.

  5. Having gone to the Falls Church rally, I did notice that the televised New York Rally did not do Dean justice. Granted it was clear that he was starting to lose his voice and was getting run down from his 4 day non-stop schedule. But I really believe much of what detracted from the rally was the lesser quality broadcasting.

    The camera work was jerky much of the time, the lighting kept changing, and the mikes did not pick up much crowd noise. You couldn’t tell if the crowd was into it and you could barely see the crowd in the dark. It just felt very amateur.

    Basically, I don’t think the problem lies with Dean. But I do think the broadcasting quality does need to improve.

  6. Hey Joho, consider yourself the First Flash. Bathe in your jellies and feel the smoothness of the flash.

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