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Send Ashcroft Your Love

Attorney General John “No Boobies” Ashcroft is bringing his PATRIOT Act Wild West Show to Boston. Gotta give him credit for stepping foot in Massachusetts. On the other hand, won’t you please join a few thousand of us in telling him just how unwelcome his rights-repressing policies are? is putting out word about the rally sponsored by the ACLU. There’s information about the rally at Faneuil Hall here, and directions here.

Here’s the Electronic Frontier Foundation‘s intro to the PATRIOT act. Here’s the ACLU’s analysis. Here’s the act itself. And here’s John Ashcroft, one of our oddest and most frightening public servants, singing his song, “Let the Eagles Soar.”

The protest is also noted in DeanLink, a friendster-ish site that enables Dean supporters to find one another. It’s still a little rough around the edges, but it’s a very cool app.

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  1. Ashcroft rocks! Gooooooooooo Ascroft!!!!!!!!!!

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